Improve reliability and operational efficiency, reduce costs and enhance safety

The utility industry is under increasing pressure to improve reliability, drive operational efficiencies and implement additional safety measures, including protecting against cyber attack. Weather events, workforce changes and shareholder expectations also add to the demands of the day. At Eaton, our experience can help you manage your grid, support and train your workforce to comply with regulations and help you make the smart capital investments you need to prepare for the future. Build an adaptive, secure and responsive infrastructure Maximizing your investment and keeping systems up and running are vital to the profitability of your business. Eaton can help make your infrastructure smarter by integrating equipment with enterprise-level software to achieve a dynamic, resilient and cyber-secure grid that reduces delivery interruption. Plus, we can help optimize distributed generation resources and extend the life of existing assets. Distribute reliable, efficient and high-quality power To be as efficient as possible, assets must be optimized and system operating costs reduced. We can help transform, protect, connect and build out the electrical power system backbone. Our utility application design and project management resources include experts who can manage complex, integrated turnkey projects, including fully engineered, assembled and tested solutions delivered on site. Protect people, property and the environment Safety affects everyone and everything in your facility. Eaton solutions allow you to remotely monitor and control safety systems, enhance worker protection from arc flash events, protect against thermal and fire incidents, address explosive environments and limit greenhouse gas emissions - See more at:

Smart solutions designed for secure, reliable and efficient power distribution

Today's utilities need to carry a heavier load than ever before, and extreme weather events can threaten reliable delivery. The transmission, substation and distribution grid is also aging, forcing utilities to rely more on smart grid technologies. As we move to a modern digitized grid, new challenges arise inherent to rapidly changing technology and cyber security. And with data and analytics streaming in from data collection devices along the grid, you need to understand how to leverage that intelligence to drive efficiency, reliability and productivity. Automate, protect and optimize Eaton offers an industry-leading portfolio of products and services that automate, protect and optimize against the challenging demands of today's electrical grid. From system expertise and planning to world-class solutions, we can help you reduce the length and number of outages and increase the overall reliability of your operation while delivering efficient and safe power. - See more at: