Fri, December, 8th 2023

We missed the registration for the CYME basic training next week (Dec 2023). Is there going to be another training in January? Do you also offer more advanced training?
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Hi Melissa, yes we do have sessions planned about every month for the CYME basic web training. Schedule and registration for the January session will be available soon.
Ok, could that be early in January? I'll be looking forward for that but, in case I don't see it right away, know that I need two seats on that training.
Hi Melissa, it will be the week of January 22-26.
Hey Marco, I checked the registration link and I think there is a mistake on the cost, I thought it was $1,650 per person, at least that´s what we budgeted them for. Would you check and let me know?
Hi Melissa, we adjust our prices every year. The new price for the CYME trainings in 2024 is 1750$ per attendee.